Monday 16 November 2015

Star Matching - A Case Study

We are given 
Girl - Aswini star - Mesha Rasi/Aries
Boy - Uthrattathi - Meena Rasi/Pisces

Now let us work out the star matching
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for calculations.

1. Dina
From girl Aswini to 26th star is Uthrattathi/Uthrabadra. 
Dina is Good

2. Gana
Girl – Aswini – Deva Ganan
Boy – Uthrattathi/Uthrabadra – Manusha Ganam
Average matching 

3. Mahendram
From girl’s star boy’s star is 26th  - No Mahendram 

4. Sthree Deergam

The count from girl’s star to boy’s star is more than 13th 
Sthree Deergam is there.

5. Yoni
Girls yoni is Horse
Boy’s Yoni is Cow
There is no enmity between these two.
Yoni is there.


6. Rasi Porutham

Boy’s Rasi is Meenum/Pisces
Girl’s Rasi is Meshum/Aries

From boy’s Rasi girls’s rasi falls on 2nd.
It is not good.


7. Rasi Athipathi Porutham

Boy’s star lord is Sani
Girl’s star lord is Kethu
From boy’s star – Friendship
From girl’s star – Friendship
It matches.


8. Vasya Porutham
Girl’s rasi – Mesham/Aries for this Simham & Vrichikam are Vasyam
Others no.
No Vasya Porutham


9. Rajju Porutham

For girl – Moolam
Aswini, Makam, Moolam, Ayilyam, Kettai, Revathi will not be matching.
There is Rajju Porutham


10. Vethai Porutham

For Girl’s Aswini – vethai star is Kettai.
So Vethai Porutham is there.


Mahendram, Rasi Porutham and Vasyam are not there.
So out of 10 matching 7 points are matching 
thereby indicating maximum of benefits.

How do we take the decision?
Is it enough to fix the marriage?
According to Star Matching Method 
this is enough.

When we are given 2 horoscopes how do we check the matching ?

We will study the two horoscopes of the same stars in the next blog.