Monday, 19 October 2015

Horoscope Matching - A case Study

Star: Aswini / Mesha Rasi
Running Dasa is Surya

Star: Uthrattathi / Meena Rasi
Running Dasa is Rahu

1. Star Matching 

2. Kuja Dosha
Boy – Kuja in 7th
Girl – Kuja in 8th

3. Analysing Dasa  
For Girl Surya dasa in Vrichika Rasi is running
For Boy Rahu dasa in Thula Rasi is running.
Surya and Rahu are enemy planets  
And they are located very close and their period is running.

Dasas are Problematic

Not Supporting

4. Analysing Individual Horoscopes

Surya dasa is running . 
Surya is 7th lord, along with 8th lord Budha.
In 8th house Sukra and Kuja together. Kuja dosha is there.
Dasa lord is placed in Kuja’s Vrichika house.
KUJA DOSHA affects this girl creating lots of troubles in the marriage life.

Sukra dasa is running. Sukra and Rahu are together in 11th house.
SARPA DOSHA played major role and created lots of troubles in the marriage life.

Not Supporting


They applied for divorce.

This position may change once the dasa of any one changes.

6. Conclusion
Horoscopes without major Doshas can fix the marriage 
by Star Matching Methods.

Fixing Marriage is an important event in our life. 
Any mistake will make us suffer throughout the life.
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Important Checkings in a Horoscope for Marriage